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My name is Maryna Zanevska. I was born in Odessa, Ukraine. At 11, I left home to pursue my tennis career, traveling the world and dedicating my life to the sport. I now reside in Dusseldorf, Germany. In the summer of 2023, I concluded my tennis career (after 23 years) and embarked on a new journey, discovering a passion for candles. For more details, check out my Wikipedia page.

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My Story

In the world of professional sports, the tennis court was my stage for 23 incredible years. With each serve, each rally, and each victory, I lived my dream and basked in the adrenaline of the game. The cheers of the crowd, the thrill of competition were the rhythms of my life. I was a professional tennis player, and my passion for the sport knew no bounds.


But as the final match concluded and the curtain fell, it was time to embrace a new chapter. A chapter that led me back to a passion I had been nurturing in the background.


The Covid-19 pandemic brought the global sporting arena to a standstill, including professional tennis. Like many of my fellow athletes, I found myself with an unexpected pause in my career. The lockdowns and travel restrictions left me longing for the excitement of the court, but they also gave me an opportunity to explore a different kind of passion.


As I poured my heart into my candles, I realized that there was something magical in the process. The art of candle making allowed me to infuse a piece of my own story and experiences into each candle. It was my way of sharing my journey, my passion for a cozy atmosphere, and my understanding of the importance of feeling at home, no matter where life takes you.


The name "Savage Love Candles" was chosen to pay homage to my professional journey. "Savage" represents the fierce determination and relentless pursuit of victory on the tennis court, while "Love" signifies my affection for crafting cozy, intimate atmospheres at home. It's a fusion of my sporting spirit and my newfound candle-making artistry.


Whether you're at home or on the road, I hope Savage Love Candles bring you the same warmth, comfort, and tranquility they've given me over the years. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and for allowing me to share my passion for creating a welcoming atmosphere with you.

   Marina Z.

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